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Ana De Armas’s New Film Blonde Trailer Furies Marilyn Monroe Fans

The long-awaited biopic about Marilyn Monroe , in which Ana de Armas will play the lead role, will be released on screens in September 2022, making it one of the most eagerly awaited premieres of the year. Recently, the second trailer for the upcoming movie debuted online. He also separated Internet users into two groups.

The makeup artist’s skill and the incredible skills of the actor are both admired by Ana’s followers.

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This is currently the best attempt to depict Marilyn, in my opinion. Not only does Ana resemble her in terms of appearance, but she also flawlessly captures her voice’s timbre.

Ana is incredibly gorgeous! It surprises me that she has such an accent. The makeup artists’ work is simply amazing!” and “Looks very promising,” commented online users.

Some viewers, though, were not at all wowed with the trailer because of what they witnessed in the video, admirers of Marilyn Monroe’s talent who have spent years studying every one of her movies, interviews, and videos were incensed.

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The movie is based on fiction rather than non-fiction, which is the first justification. And since there can be so much fiction in it, that is.

“Ana is unrelated to Marilyn. Despite the makeup experts’ best efforts, was there truly nothing she could do to change her accent? She’s an actress!”, “Thanks to cosmetics and stylists, a portion of Ana resembles Marilyn.”

Marilyn’s admirers are debating on Twitter, “But this accent ruins everything!” and “I know she worked hard on the job, but it sounds extremely horrible.”


Most criticisms of de Armas’ casting focused on the fact that she kept her Cuban accent, which did not match how Monroe spoke. De Armas called Dominik’s choice to portray a Cuban actor as an American icon “groundbreaking” in a 2020 interview with Vanity Fair.