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Adam Brody Says His and Leighton Meester’s Son Is ‘Happier’ Than Daughter

The California native joked with on Monday that his eldest child always tells him he doesn’t “need” to bounce her baby brother. “I’m like, ‘This is for me,’” Brody joked with Shepard, 45. “‘I need to bounce him. This is good for me. Let me work it out.’”

Earlier this month, the Ready or Not star told Entertainment Tonight that quarantine with the Gossip Girl alum and their little ones amid the coronavirus pandemic had been “a pretty blissful experience … despite the state of the world.”

Brody explained at the time: “I know a lot of parents who feel that way. So many of my friends that I work with would go to set every day and see their kids on weekends. And all of a sudden, it is like they have spent eight months working from home [and spending time with their family].”

Being a parent has given Brody the roles of both “lifeguard and teacher” with his bigger brood, he went on to tell the outlet. “I have a great spatial awareness of corners and [cacti], any sharp or solid objects or tripping hazards,” he explained. “And as a teacher, in the sense of explaining things and you get a lot of questions and trying to distill it down to something they can understand, and won’t misinterpret because they’re so impressionable.”

The musician and Meester wed in February 2014, one year after their engagement. The couple are notoriously private about their relationship and family life.

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