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A Comprehensive Guide to Demi Lovato’s Tattoo Collection

Demi Lovato is tattoo-obsessed. The 27-year-old singer has over 25 designs that she’s amassed ever since she got her first permanent ink when she was 16 — and it doesn’t look like she’s slowing down anytime soon.

During an interview with iHeart Radio in 2014, the hitmaker admitted that she had already lost count of her precious designs. “Do you count the ‘Stay’ and ‘Strong’? Do you count the individual birds?” she asked — at a loss trying to put a number to her tattoo collection.

But what she was able to acknowledge during that interview was that she has “a lot” of designs. She continued, “It could be 10. It could be 26! I have a very, very high pain tolerance.”

The star’s inked everywhere from her deck down to her ankles. But even though she has so many tats, each one has a special meaning, whether it’s a tribute to a loved one or a symbolic design.

For example: One of the performer’s most recent additions is a fallen angel being lifted by angelic doves. The neck design was brought to life by celebrity tattoo artist Alessandro Capozzi and it’s meant to represent the music lover’s “spiritual awakening.”

And that’s just one of the many tattoos Lovato has gotten as a symbol of her personal journey. She also has “survivor” tattooed on her neck, which she got just over a year after her near-fatal overdose in 2018.

The “Anyone” singer has several tattoos dedicated to her loved ones, too. She got a T” tattoo for her friend Thomas who passed away from an overdose in October and a large portrait of her late grandmother on her forearm. She even has her family’s birthdates inked onto her left side in roman numerals.

Keep scrolling to see these designs and more as Us takes a deep dive into Lovato’s extensive tattoo collection and the special meaning behind each design.