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Yara Shahidi Talks About The New Movie Tinkerbell And How She Feels About The Incredible World Of Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

Yara Shahidi is a very famous American actress. She first gained attention through her role as Zoey Johnson on the hit show “Black-ish”. She’s also been in many other shows and has gained a lot of followers because of her incredible acting talents.

Yara Shahidi has plenty to be proud of. The actress has just graduated from Harvard and is also going to be starring in the popular show “Grown-ish”. She recently gave an interview in which she talked about everything that had been changing in her life.

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Yara Shahidi spoke about her graduation in which she said that he had so much support from her family and friends and that so many people had reached out to her to shower her with love. She stated that everyone being there was the reason she was able to pull this off and she could not be more thankful.

Not only did her friends and family give her support, but she also got a lot of support from some big celebrities such as Michelle Obama and Reese Witherspoon. She also mentioned that she was so surprised that Obama used social media to congratulate her although she had written her a wonderful recommendation letter.

Now she’s acting in the new live-action movie “Tinkerbell”. She spoke about how she had not filmed with her cast members but had filmed in a garage. She had been a part of the motion capture technology which had been to make her smaller so she had just filmed with her cast members’ faces on grip stands.

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She believes that the movie itself and how it has been made is amazing and she can’t wait for fans to see it. She also feels like she can’t believe that she got the part and she is having a hard time wrapping her head around the fact that she got it.

Fans are incredibly excited to see the movie and hearing Yara Shahidi talk about it makes fans even more excited to watch the live-action movie. Fans are incredibly proud of Yara Shahidi and the way that she has grown up to become this strong intelligent beautiful woman.