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Wynonna Judd And Ashley Judd Have Been Excluded From The Will Of Naomi Judd

Losing a family member can be utterly heartbreaking. The tragedy of losing a loved one lingers on in the minds of their beloved. Losing a mother is even worse. The mental health conversation has started to gain a ton of importance from individuals because it has been revealed time and time again that sometimes, a mental health battles cause irreversible damage. Such is the case of the Judds.

Recently, it was revealed that Naomi Judd ’s cause of death was suicide. Naomi was a famous singer who formed a duo with her daughter Wynonna known as ‘The Judds’. The duo was successful and went on to win many awards.

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However, Naomi’s will has let out new secrets for observers. She has reportedly left her daughters, Wynonna Judd and Ashley Judd, out of her will. This has shocked both of her daughters.

Naomi has left the full authority of her properties to her husband Larry Strickland. In her will, she also stated that her husband should be compensated for his acts. The will itself was reportedly approved by Naomi in 2017. Witnesses have also agreed that she was in her senses and knew what she had been talking about in her will.

The omission of her daughters has not gone over well with them. Wynonna is extremely upset with her mother for this decision. She went as far as to say that the reason her mother had gotten so famous was because of her.

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Regardless, Wynonna has also been grieving her mother’s passing. She mentioned in an emotional social media post that she could not imagine her mother would be taken away from her like this. She also stated that she also could not believe that this was how ‘The Judds’ was ending for the two.

On the same note, she mentioned that she had agreed to get help for her psychological issues. She wishes to be a better grandmother to her grandchildren which is why she has decided to end what she calls “the cycle of addiction and family dysfunction”.


She mentioned that although she was grieving, she would continue to do the right thing for her family. She said that she was getting better for the sake of her family and keeping them in a better state of mind.