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Woody Harrelson Saw A Baby That Looked Like Him And His Response Has Won The Internet

Celebrities sometimes have the sweetest reactions to things that they see online. Many celebrities are tagged in multiple posts online but often they don’t respond because of how many there are. However, the few times that celebrities react, they’re usually incredibly wholesome. Woody Harrelson is an extremely sweet celebrity who had the best response to a picture of a baby.

A mom Dani Grier Mulvenna posted a picture collage of her baby and Woody Harrelson on Twitter and captioned it asking why her daughter and Woody looked the same. In the picture, both had their mouths wide open and the baby looked like a smaller version of Woody. The post itself went viral and millions of people left comments underneath enjoying the post.

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The reaction that Woody Harrelson had to the picture was precious. He wrote a little poem for the baby, named Cora, and said “You’re an adorable child / Flattered to be compared / You have a wonderful smile / I just wish I had your hair.” The poem itself was hilarious to fans and they all enjoyed Woody’s sweet reaction to the child.

The mother Dani who had originally posted the picture had been extremely surprised to get the reply from Woody. However, she was flattered that he would pay heed to her little joke and thanked him publicly. She also mentioned that his little poem had made their day. She added that when her daughter would get older, she would make sure to show this to her because of how wholesome it was.

The fan was so excited that she even tweeted Woody’s poem on her profile. She was grateful that he had seen her post and couldn’t believe that he had given her the time of the day.

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As an update, she also told her followers that Cora was thanking the world for the appreciation. She joked that while Cora did not normally look like Woody Harrelson when she did, the resemblance was uncanny. The whole interaction received much love from the fans of Woody Harrelson who all enjoyed watching their favorite star be kind to another fan.