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With Playtests Starting Later This Month, Developer Fatshark Proposes To Participate In The Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Beta

The Warhammer 40,000: Darktide beta, whose playtests will begin later this month, is being offered by the game’s creator, Fatshark.

On the official website, you can sign up for the beta test of Darktide. According to the creators, testing will continue up until the beta’s launch and will start “as early as mid-August.” Although Xbox users will soon be able to participate in the beta, the initial testing will be mostly on PC.

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The beta’s early iterations will concentrate on various technological testing and will be sent out in a restricted amount based on things like platform, requirements, or region.

Nevertheless, you only need to register once in order to take part in all beta tests. The developers state that it is unlikely for this to alter “near to launch” and that progress made during early testing will not carry over to the finished product.

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The Xbox Series X and S edition of Darktide will be on sale soon after its November 30 PC release. The game was originally slated for September 13; it had already been postponed from spring 2022 and 2021, respectively.

The beta’s initial iterations will concentrate on a variety of technical tests, and limited invitations will be distributed based on things like platform, specifications, geography, and location.

You only need to register once to do everything. Early testing results won’t carry over to the finished product, and the developers say it’s unlikely that this will change in the same way that it is being implemented.

The latest delay letter from the game’s creators stated, “While we were touched by the tremendous feedback we received about this game, we also need additional time to improve a key system’s reliability, performance, and refine essential systems. To have your most valuable experience, each of these factors must be met.