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Why Lori Harvey Dates On Her Terms I Nearly Got Married When I Was Very Young

On Bumble’s Luv2SeeIt Video series with Teyana Taylor , the model, 25, discussed her dating philosophy.

Harvey and Taylor had a private discussion about their relationship beliefs on Wednesday’s program, covering friendly, passionate, and even professional partnerships. While talking, the two stressed the importance of never surrendering one’s essential principles.

Harvey admitted, “I nearly got married when I was quite young. “I felt as though I hadn’t really done anything. I wasn’t really aware of who I was, nor was I aware of my likes and dislikes. Simply put, I feel as though I haven’t lived.” She claimed that eventually she reached the decision to “date on my conditions.” Added she, “I’m going to move however I want to and do anything I want to. And if it’s not helping me anymore, I’ll go on.”

Harvey stated that change is “the lovely aspect of growth” earlier in the episode, adding that she no longer desires the same things at 25 as she did at 21. “Two distinct mentalities. I mean, I hardly even recognize her.”

Harvey said, “She’s not together anymore.” We are currently dealing with this person. No matter what others may believe, according to the founder of SKN, she lives her life without regrets.

It is your life, so what will make you satisfied at the end of the day? “You can’t live your life depending on what other individuals are going to believe or feel,” the speaker said. Harvey prompted.

Additionally, she claimed that she wouldn’t alter her history because she “acquired so much in the course” of her unique experiences.

Harvey said, “My principles, standards, and expectations,” when Taylor questioned what made her feel strong in a partnership. You can reduce some of the more flimsy standards, she continued, “but don’t surrender on your fundamental principles and convictions.”