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While Employed By The White House, Ivanka Trump’s Husband, Jared Kushner, Attempted To Hide His Cancer

Many lawmakers disapproved of the fact that Donald Trump surrounded himself with family while in office. Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, were quite influential throughout the tenure of the US president.

They later became one of the world’s most talked-about power couples. At the same time, none of the journalists were aware that Jared was battling a serious illness in 2019.

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Ivanka Trump’s husband initially discussed how he learned of his diagnosis in his memoir. It took place while on tour to the Louis Vuitton factory’s opening.

Sean Conley, the physician for the White House, hauled me into the examination room on Air Force One. The results of the tests were received. Unfortunately, you appear to have cancer. He told me at the time that we needed to schedule an operation immediately, Kuschner remembered.

Jared claims he wasn’t prepared for the news but soon concluded that he had to keep his sickness a secret at all costs. Kushner urged the physician not to share any information with his father-in-law and wife just yet.

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Since he had thyroid cancer, he was really concerned that the operation might make it difficult for him to continue working.

“The surgeon determined that an operation is required to remove a strange growth, so we planned it for the Friday before Thanksgiving. By doing this, no one would have known that I was coming in less frequently.

It was a private matter and not anything to talk about,” said Jared. He did not, of course, keep information from Ivanka and his assistants in the end.

Donald Trump later learned the truth. I understand your wish to keep it hidden; he remarked as he summoned Jared into the Oval Office. Additionally, I want to keep these matters private. Work is taken care of here, so don’t worry about it.