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When Tina Knowles Heard Beyoncé And The Isley Brothers’ New Duet, Ronald Isley Claims She Sobbed

Queen B collaborated with the iconic Ronald Isley and the Isley Brothers for a new rendition of their 1975 studio album “Make Me Say It Again Girl,” which debuted on iHeartRadio on Tuesday and will be made widely available on Friday.

This collaboration comes under a month after the release of Queen B’s latest album Renaissance.

The Isley Brothers discussed how the collaboration was created in a conversation with Billboard, revealing Tina Knowles-Lawson was a key player in bringing it about.

Kandy, Ronald’s wife and the manager told the publication that the woman “has a fondness for the Isley Brothers, and her kid has grown up listening to this style of music.”

Beyoncé, 40, was reportedly working on Renaissance when Ronald, 81, asked her about collaborating. He then underlined the significance of the launch date of the new song, saying, “She worked on this pretty much the whole previous year in between producing her own album, doing her vocals for this while she was in the Hamptons.”

“Nobody else on the planet would allow their new album and our first single to be released at the same time. That demonstrates how crucial this effort is.

Ronald claimed that Knowles-Lawson, 68, broke down in tears after hearing the duet. “Beyoncé’s mom texted us to let us know how much they were crying when Beyoncé performed the album for them.

The two vocalists recorded independently, but it’s unlikely that audiences will be able to know, according to Kandy, 44, who stated elsewhere in the conversation, “All we can say is that Divine hands were on this whole thing.”

Because of Beyoncé’s unquestionable skill and [production] Tony Maserati’s masterful merging of her and Ronald’s voices, it sounded as though they were both present in the same studio.