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When Some Partygoers Became Too Inebriated And Couldn’t Control Themselves, They Were Kicked Out Of Beyoncé’s Exclusive ‘Renaissance’ Party

Queen Bay and her king, Jay-Z , were the ideal royal couple at the Times Square Edition week at a celebration for her latest album, “Renaissance,” at the Times Square Edition over the week, but Page Six has learned that some of their courtiers got out of hand.

According to a source that mentions that Beyoncé came with Jay-Z, “Beyoncé was very friendly to all, holding discussions and thanking everyone for coming.”

Yet, some visitors were still kicked away for misbehavior despite the incredibly strict list, posh surroundings, and courteous hosts.

Our informant reports that “a couple of people were booted out for being drunken and dumb.” We are informed that “they didn’t understand how to act.”

According to the insider, several people were kicked out “for making movies.” Safety covered people’s phones’ cameras with tape when they checked in, they claimed.

Beyoncé is renowned for having a stringent image policy. In 2018, Page Six revealed that the spokesperson for the celebrity issued an email requesting that media outlets use only official photos and refrain from publishing Coachella photos taken by fans.

Additionally, in 2013, her representative attempted to get online pictures of her that weren’t flattering taken down.

Beyoncé shared pictures of her getting to the party and her silver attire, which included a beaded pocketbook with the title and launch date of the No. 1 album.

Along with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jill Scott, Telfar Clemens, and Tyler Perry, Donald Glover attended in a jumpsuit with a chest-bearing design.

In a letter to her daughter, Knowles wrote, “I’ve observed since over two years all of the relentless good graft, the sacrifice of time with her family, the all-night session, work while unwell, weekends and then raising three kids.”

At the event, known as “Club Renaissance,” they allegedly “played the latest album all night, non-stop.” As well as the fact that song titles and lyrics were displayed on neon signs across the area.