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Warner Brothers Have Reached Out To Henry Cavill To Play Superman Once Again, But Is It Too Late?

The DC Extended Universe or DCEU has struggled under the leadership of Warner Brothers , it’s no secret. While recently films like Aquaman, Shazam, and The Suicide Squad have been commercial successes, the overall direction of the cinematic universe has been troubled at best. Warner Brothers have had trouble making use of the best characters that DC has to offer such as Batman, Wonder Woman, and of course, the Man of Steel, Superman .

DCEU cast Henry Cavill in the role of the Man of Steel in 2013 to kick off the cinematic universe and he has since appeared thrice throughout the DCEU followed by cameos of the Superman suit in projects like Shazam and Peacemaker but no actual Cavill in said suit.

However, while there have been mixed reviews about DCEU movies such as the Justice League and Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, the general consensus remains that Cavill is an excellent Superman who just happened to have starred in some not-so-great movies.

Fans have been of this opinion for a while now, but Warner Brothers seemed to have understood this only recently as reports have now started coming in that the studio is desperately trying to get Cavill back on board to play Superman.

The offer comes on the heels of the giving Cavill no inclination at all for years that the studio has any plans for his Superman and hence, understandably, reports say Cavill is no longer interested in donning the red cape.

Cavill is currently busy shooting the 3rd season of his highly successful show The Witcher and is slated to appear in upcoming films Argylle and Enola Holmes 2. With talks of Cavill possibly being cast as the next James Bond, it is very clear that the actor has a lot on his plate. With so much prospect on one end and a shifty studio with historically doubtful plans for, granted, a great character on the other end, its hard to say whether Cavill will be answering Warner Brother’s calls. Fans will just have to wait and see but having to recast Cavill as Superman would undoubtedly be a huge blow to Warner Brother’s future plans.