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Victoria Beckham And David Beckham Take A Vacation Photo Wearing Identical Coral Clothing

The twins in love, Victoria Beckham and David Beckham , are back! The former Spice Girls member posted a sweet picture of her and her 47-year-old husband donning coral-colored clothes on Sunday.

The former football player smiles endearingly in the photo, which features a beautiful view of the ocean and mountains while wearing a vivid coral shirt. The wife wore a coral dress with white polka dots to cover up.

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David’s shoulder was lightly touched by her right hand. Looks like I motivated him once again, Victoria wrote.

These family bows are no longer unusual because the pair selects their joint photos with great caution. Victoria reflected on how absurd the appearances at times were in the early years of their partnership with host Jimmy Fallon in October.

Even though we didn’t do it frequently, whenever we wore the same outfits, everyone wrote about it and wouldn’t let us be. At the time, it simply seemed like a pretty smart concept, you know? It was, in fact.

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I believe it was nave back then. We had no fashion sense. We simply enjoyed ourselves, which is really how it ought to be, according to the designer.

There were many dazzling and fashionable moments for the wonderfully matched couple. Consider their all-white attire from the 2003 MTV Movie Awards or their leather style from 1999. Naturally, Victoria has a special affinity for the memories of these wonderful times.

David also wore some of his favorite looks with his wife in homage to their upcoming 22nd wedding anniversary in 2021, joking that after so many years of marriage, he and Victoria can’t help but complement one another.


The former football player shared numerous images of the couple’s changing sense of style, including the iconic fuchsia outfits they wore to their wedding reception.