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Venus Williams Tells Her Fans Eleven Rules To Live Their Best Lives

Celebrities often share their wisdom with their fans in the hopes that they will learn something. The personal lives of celebrities are often kept away from their professional lives but sometimes fans get to see secret parts of their favorite famous people. Venus Williams is not just an incredible tennis player, she’s also a great mentor given the rules she’s made for her fans to follow for a great life.

Venus Williams has her athletic wear brand called “Eleven”. On her Instagram page for her brand, “Eleven by Venus”, she gave some wisdom to her fans on how they should live their lives. The article of the principals was mentioned in the story of the page in a link and featured Venus posing in the background while wearing an all-white short-sleeved top and matching shorts with a blue drawstring. She linked the article in the story and asked fans to give it a read.

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The article spoke of many rules that people should follow. This would include things like having self-confidence, challenging yourself, embracing change, and other such rules. These rules were something that she had followed in challenging times.

In a recent caption, she mentioned that she had written down these rules after she has been invited to speak to the graduating class of 2021, on their senior day, at Vanderbilt University. She also mentioned how nervous she had been since she knew that her words would have a massive impact on the mindsets of these young adults.

Her purpose for writing the rules down was to ensure that anyone who would follow them would gain the success they desired. She also made a statement that said “I want to share with all the joy and sense of wellness and satisfaction that sport, being active, and chasing my dreams has given me.”

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Her goal is to inspire as many people as possible. The rules are a guide for anyone who wishes to achieve their goals and she stated that she had only written down what had worked for her.