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Vasculitis, A Rare Disease, Almost Took Away Ashton Kutcher’s Sight, Walking And Hearing

Stars always seem to be at their best selves when they come in front of the general public. But while they seem like they’re doing great, some stars are suffering a lot more. Ashton Kutcher is no different as he recently explained in an interview how he had a rare disease called Vasculitis.

In a recent interview, he spoke about having the disease and how it had impacted him. He mentioned that he had been diagnosed two years ago. Vasculitis means the inflammation of the blood vessels in the body. He spoke about how the disease had impacted his eyesight, leaving him partially blind.

He also mentioned how he had lost his hearing and his ability to walk. The time had been very tough on Ashton. Ashton recognized that the disease itself was terrible and could have lasted forever if it had not been treated. The health scare was terrible for his family and his wife.

Ashton further mentioned that it had taken him a whole year to gain back the abilities of being able to walk, hear and see. The treatment was successful and Ashton could resume living a normal life again. Ashton pointed out that until you lose any of these abilities, you never really understand how important they are and how grateful you should be for them. He claimed that he had lost a little bit of hope while going through the effects of the disease however he was very grateful he had made it out alive on the other side.

Ashton addressed his fans on Twitter afterward letting them know that he had fully recovered. Fans were relieved to see that Ashton was now okay as many of them had been worried about his health. The update gave fans a new hope that everything would be okay.

The health scare was something that worried many people around Ashton. The intensity of the symptoms made many people believe Ashton could not make it. However, he proved everyone wrong and seems to be perfectly fine now.