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Using The Elden Ring Mods, You Can Become Sekiro’s Final Boss

The most challenging game produced by FromSoft is probably Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Sword Saint Isshin, the last boss in three of Sekiro’s four endings, is largely to blame for that complexity. And now, in Elden Ring, you can experience the strength of the Sword Saint due to a new update.

The moveset from Sword Saint Isshin has been converted into Elden Ring by modder Hotbite, who appears to be trying to make Elden Ring into a Musou game (thanks, THE GAMER). If you follow the mod’s instructions to the letter, you can use all the powerful, sweeping attacks, energy arms, and almost-instantaneous sword swipes.

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The Nagakiba katana and Pike’s standard movesets have been replaced with Isshin’s Mortal Blade and Yari, accordingly, by Hotbite in order to enable the patch function. Only when the Nagakiba and Pike are held in the right and left hands, respectively, do the movesets display.

The patch also allows both weapons instantly emerge by traveling to the initial step site of grace because both weapons are introduced considerably later in a player’s journey through the Lands Between.

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Funny enough, Hotbite also modeled Isshin’s replacement for the heavy crossbow, a flintlock pistol. But it doesn’t actually fire bolts and isn’t a different weapon. Isshin’s moveset now includes the pistol as well.

Isshin’s movements are ludicrous, as you see in the explanation video up above. The heavy attack combo alone features many huge fluctuations that make Melania’s Waterfowl Dance appear like a clumsy dagger stab.

It also features a huge slice with a lighting-powered blade. Dragon Flash from Mortal Blade is quite comparable to Moonveil’s Transient Moonlight, one of the finest spells in Elden Ring, but it has a longer range.

Add to that the fact that Yari and Isshin can essentially dispatch Elden Ring’s most challenging foes like it’s Dynasty Warriors 9.