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Tower Of Fantasy Offers Freebies To Everyone And Apologizes For The Lengthy Release Day Server Queues

Tower of Fantasy’s servers has a difficult time keeping up with demand on release day, with server lineups lasting more than 10 hours, as might be anticipated for an online for a free game.

Though it does include customizable protagonists and a bit more connected universe than Genshin, we’ve previously played it and termed it a “chaotic Genshin Impact.” The fact that all the present Genshin fans are rushing in to check if it’s a rival worth fretting over before they return to Teyvat is not surprising, though.

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Tower of Fantasy went live yesterday night (North American time). Thus today is the first full day that players from around the globe can join. It is accessible by download from its website or via mobile devices, although it has not yet appeared on Steam.

Therefore, we lack the practical abbreviation for how many gamers that could be. Developers Even though there is no way to forecast how many people will really play on day one, Hotta Studio reported four million pre-registrations as of Sunday. The makers of the game took note of the concerns over the length of the server lines and adopted the industry-standard free in-game currency payment system.

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On Thursday, they announced that all issues with queueing, disconnecting, and being unable to register and log in had been resolved. “Other issues will be resolved in the following 48 hours.”

Although I have successfully used the launcher to register my account today and begin the download, I am unable to personally verify the server wait times at this moment.

By switching to a less busy server, Guides writer Sean Martin had some success cutting his waiting period from many hours to only about 20 minutes. If you aren’t set on one server, keep an eye out for the one with the waiting line.

As an end up making for login and connection troubles as well as further 300 Dark Crystals for unsuccessful account registration and login, Hotta Studio is distributing 600 Dark Crystals.