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Tom Schwartz Claims That Despite Their Divorce, He And Katie Maloney Are Still Friends

In the months following their breakup, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz are pleased to be able to update Vanderpump Rules viewers on their relationship status.

On Friday’s episode of Dear Media’s You’re Gonna Love Me with Katie Maloney, Schwartz, 39, said, “We’re still hanging out, not in a bad, excessive way, but we give each other space, boundaries.” We still keep in touch and are friends.

I’m glad we’re still close, he said. We did a darn fine job of divorcing each other, in my opinion. Maloney and Schwartz acknowledged that they comprehend the fans’ confusion about how they managed to keep their friendship intact while going through a divorce.

Maloney, 35, said, “We recently got together, and you had written on your tale, so I reposted it. And I believe that caused some confusion among the public.

We do interact, but, you know, we were family for a very long time, she said. And maintaining that has, I believe, been a top focus for us throughout the entire process.

The co-owner of Tom Tom then said that his ex and their two puppies make “a good little unit.” They also admitted that if they were still together, this week would have marked their six-year wedding anniversary.

We are still legally married until later this year, so I feel like it would be impolite not to commemorate our anniversary this year, Maloney said.

The best wedding ever. Objectively, and I’ve gone to a lot of weddings, this is my favorite one,” Schwartz continued. It was miraculous. If I’m not inebriated, I might watch the program again, but then I’ll be a downer.

Schwartz even suggested that once their divorce is finalized, he and Maloney find a new way to commemorate their anniversary. “Going forward, since we’re so close, let’s just go out and celebrate our anniversary with a nice dinner and a few drinks.