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Tom Holland Won’t Take Over As Spider-Man Again

Numerous sources claim that the 26-year-old British actor Tom Holland will not be providing the voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the upcoming Spider-Man Freshman Year animated series.

The animated series and information on the continuation of the Marvel Studios’ X-Men, Marvel Zombies books, and Season 2 of What If…? were both revealed on Disney Day last year.

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In Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man makes his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. The animated comic will follow the events building up to that point.

Unfortunately, Tom Holland won’t be lending his voice to the film, despite being a precursor to Spider-Man: Homecoming, due to the actor’s unclear status in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In a previous post, The actor previously discussed his goals for the business, saying that they include “doing a couple more roles in big franchises and individual productions, and ultimately… moving to the opposite side of the camera and getting into directing.”

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More specific info concerning the animated series “Spider-Man. Year One” and other Marvel Studios productions is anticipated to be revealed at the studio’s booth at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Then, on the Disney+ streaming platform, the project will make its debut.

The actress recently injured one of her index fingers while attempting to prepare food for herself. However, an apparently unimportant incident compelled her to get help.

Her assistant didn’t back down and even found some humor in the situation. But, God helps me keep him safe because Zendaya is clumsy as hell, he added. “Never grow bored with Zendaya.

Tom Holland, The Boyfriend, is already well aware of this quality in the famous beauty. Therefore, if you get away with it, don’t be alarmed because Zendaya is the same.


Tom once said about Zendaya’s cooking abilities: “Every time she cooks, she’s millimeters away from cutting off her fingers or her hand.”