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Three New Armour Sets Were Recently Discovered To Be Part Of A New Destiny 2 Inspired By The Fortnite Crossover

Throughout Destiny and Destiny 2‘s roughly eight-year existence, it has been somewhat customary for leaks to surface ahead of significant announcements and game updates to either tease or openly expose Bungie‘s most recent content. Unfortunately, there is no indication that things will change before the upcoming Destiny 2 reveal event, which is scheduled to air on August 23 and is expected to provide players a sneak peek at the upcoming expansion, according to the majority of the game’s fan base.

One of these numerous leaks concerns a crossover event with Fortnite and the new armor that guardians will be able to obtain, not the game’s future expansion.

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In the Destiny community, the leaker Ginsor is well-known for providing accurate information on prior seasons and expansions. Ginsor posted the news on Twitter. As part of the Fortnite crossover, they revealed an image of the armor sets arriving at Destiny 2. One group will be available for each player class based on well-known Fortnite skins. Warlocks’ new armour will be based on the Drift skin, Titans’ armor is reportedly getting a Black Knight-inspired set, and Hunters’ armor will be Omega-inspired.

Ginsor’s leak has surfaced on social media, teasing both the upcoming Season 18 and Destiny 2’s impending expansion, Lightfall, with many coming from Twitter user Josh Hunt. Season 18 is rumored to be called Season of the Plunder, features the return of Eramis after much anticipation, is a revival of King’s Fall, and has a pirate-themed season as a whole. Regarding Lightfall, reports indicate that the expansion will feature a new ally race, the Strand subtype, a battle against Calus, a trip to Neptune in quest of an item that The Witness wants, and a struggle against Calus.

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The fact that it is Destiny 2’s first large crossover with a different, non-Bungie gaming brand makes it noteworthy in and of itself as it relates to Ginsor’s leak, though.