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This Doom Mod Depicts A Stray Cat Repelling Demons

Thanks to an outstanding future mod, you’ll soon be able to battle through Doom’s hordes of hellish demons as the cat from Stray. In terms of video games, Stray and Doom are utterly dissimilar.

The other is a sweet adventure game that places you in the shoes of a cuddly ginger cat. The first is a harsh and quick-fire first-person shooter where you shoot waves of creatures from Hell. With a mod that drags the Stray cat from its cyberpunk metropolis and drops it into the world of id Software’s venerable FPS, these two worlds are now poised to meet.

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If the cat isn’t cute enough for you, there’s even a new mod that allows you to pet Doom’s Cacodemons (the large red meatballs). If Doom isn’t your thing, Stray offers many amazing mods.

If you don’t like cats but still want to explore this cyberpunk future, you can choose between two options: one replaces the cat with a dog, and the other introduces Garfield. Finally, although the absence of lasagna is depressing, there is at least some consolation in the absence of Mondays.

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The feline, who has packed some powerful weapons to show adversaries who’s boss, replaces the shooter’s standard protagonist, Doomguy, in the version. Instead, the third-person action takes place, and as the video below demonstrates, this cat can take care of itself.

She destroys the demonic forces before taking a nap surrounded by her defeated enemies. You may test this eagerly anticipated mod very soon because it will be available tomorrow, July 27

The minute-long preview shows a fully animated stray cat wandering through the pixelated Doom levels. At the same time, a drone turret hovers overhead and fires bullets at flying red meatballs, devils, and spiders.

Or whatever name they go by in real life. In addition to allowing you to play the original Doom as a cat, this mod also lets you play it in the third person, which is a noticeable change.