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This $17 Shoe Spray Is A Favorite Of Ashley Graham For Keeping Her Sneakers ‘White And Spotless’

What could be nicer than acquiring a brand-new pair of versatile white sneakers? Very little else! All-white sneakers are so sought-after because of their adaptability and never-ending chic lady vibes. Many of Us—including some of the top celebrities in the world—own at least one pair. That’s how popular white shoes are everywhere!

They do have one significant drawback, though: they may become soiled rather rapidly. Fortunately, Ashley Graham ‘s secret weapon, which she used to prevent this problem, was revealed to us. The gorgeous model is said to rely on this incredibly useful shoe spray by Jason Markk to keep her expensive sneakers spotless!

The former Sports Illustrated cover model revealed to POPSUGAR some of her must-have items, including this Repel Spray, which she said is her go-to product. She said in an interview that it keeps her sneakers white and clean and keeps them from getting scratched. We’re baffled as to how we survived for so long without it after learning more about this wonderful elixir.

The spray, which goes on clear and has no odor at all, is essentially shoe protection. It adds a layer of defense to your shoe that makes it more resistant to scuffs and the elements. Apparently, this spray has been a serious dream for white shoes in particular, according to discerning consumers!

The finest level of protection, according to reviews, comes from applying two applications of this on white sneakers. Just be sure to give each layer enough time to completely dry for the best outcome.

But you can also use this spray on every kind of shoe, such as those made of suede, nubuck, canvas, and nylon. This item may hold the secret to a durable pair of shoes if you’re sick of throwing out white sneakers because they get dirty so quickly.