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The Well-Known Door Stuck Video From Counter-Strike Has Been Altered Through Copyright Theft.

The dreaded bogeyman of YouTube has struck one of the most well-known Counter-Strike videos ever: Someone has claimed copyright to it even though they don’t own it. Since it was posted in 2007, the 35-second movie has been a running joke in the competitive shooter community, and CS: GO even has a spray devoted to it.

In the video, a player holding a knife mocks their friend while they are rapping Drop It Like It’s Hot by Snoop Dogg and Pharell into a voice chat window from 2007. Original uploader Kinetik001 leads the other player around while swinging his knife, trapping them inside a door. They continue to completely lose it and shout a lot, just shrieking “Door Stuck!” as all sense of reason, ability, and reasoning desert them and they revert to highly 2007-era FPS insults. The opposition squad eventually kills both of them, but not before the guy stuck in the door scores a kill.

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The writer and critic for video games Jon Bolding has a strong history in strategy games. He enjoys playing all kinds of tabletop games when he’s not on his computer. KinetiK001 describes the claimant in his statement as a copyright troll, politely. This is simply someone participating in broad copyright fraud, at least in my opinion: This is a recurring infraction for that account, according to 3kliksphilip, a different YouTuber. At this point, it isn’t news; it’s simply one more illustration of how dishonest people and automatic algorithms have turned YouTube into a nightmare show of copyright accusations and stolen revenue from monetized videos.