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The Video Game Squirrel With A Gun Seems To Be About Precisely What It Sounds Like

The video game Squirrel with a Gun, which is about a squirrel with a weapon, will soon be available on Steam.

To be clear, it doesn’t carry a gun the size of a squirrel but rather a typical human-scale firearm that it can use to steal from people, crack riddles, and ostensibly combat masked government operatives. The video game Squirrel with a Gun seems to be about precisely what it sounds like

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At least in the teaser, which is posted above and is also available on YouTube, it does that.

Though it may have begun as a prank, the game is now obviously real, and independent developer Daniel DeEntremont has created a Steam page for it.

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In what seems to be a very typical suburban area, it will concentrate on silly shooting and action fighting, as well as adventurous puzzle-solving.

You could already leap quite a distance as a squirrel, but you’ll be capable of performing some crazy training flights if you use the recoil of a gun. You can use these abilities to loot the locals or, if you want, assist them with tasks in exchange for compensation.

That would be about all I can offer at this moment because, to be honest, the idea is quite tenuous, and, if you aren’t already on board, you likely won’t suddenly become so.

Squirrel with a Gun is available on Steam, and Daniel DeEntremont, the game’s creator, is on Twitter. I have no idea if this is the newest Goat Simulator or something,

but I do understand that it made me giggle so loud that I’ll purchase it when it comes out as a token of appreciation for a dedicated independent developer. Squirrel with a Gun will be published on “Valid question!” as of right now.