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The User Spent $100,000 On Diablo Immortal, But He Has No One To Battle In PVP Because H Has Become Too Powerful

A terrible situation happened in Diablo Immortal: a fan who had spent over $100,000 on the game and had upgraded it to the point where it was unplayable in PvP mode.

If Blizzard Entertainment does not resolve the issue, the User known by the handle jtisallbusiness will seek legal counsel. Unfortunately, even after waiting for two to three days, the unfortunate guy can still not discover the perfect match. While the pumping system functions as it should, other users condemn the sad player’s acts while pointing out that he is solely responsible for them.

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There have been numerous articles on Diablo Immortal concerning the monetization mechanism, which is another thing that doesn’t make much sense. However, content directly relevant to the regional monetization system is already arriving, and sometimes it is too humorous to ignore due to its semantic weight.

As a result, information from gamer still business claims to have overdone it was taken and posted online.

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The situation is made worse because Jtisallbusiness’ matchmaking issue prevents him from taking part in one of Diablo Immortal’s essential endgame elements, in addition to preventing him from playing PvP battlegrounds. The “Immortals” of a particular server can be attained by one clan at a time, who then defend their title against other families until they are ultimately deposed. The clan of Jtitsallbusiness, of which he is the leader, just evolved into the Immortals.

With comments on YouTube and Reddit claiming that Jtisallbusiness won the game and received what he paid for because he is now so powerful the game can’t locate anyone else to play with, he hasn’t garnered much sympathy among the game’s user base.

Diablo Immortal has reportedly made more than $100 million since its early June launch, despite receiving harsh criticism for its microtransactions and pay-to-win mechanics. Regarding Diablo IV, Blizzard has made it clear that while the game will feature in-game microtransactions, they will only be available for decorative purposes and won’t let players spend money to level up.