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The Upcoming Sci-Fi Strategy Game From Subnautica Studios, Unknown Worlds Entertainment Will Be Unveiled At Gamescom

The creators of the wildly successful survival game Subnautica, Unknown Worlds, will debut the first gameplay of their upcoming title at Gamescom.

During Geoff Keighly’s Opening Ceremony Live showcase, studio co-founder Charlie Cleveland will reveal the game.

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The game is a sci-fi turn-based tactical game, but no other information, including the name or date of release, has been made public.

The studio’s big hit, Subnautica, debuted in early access in 2014 before being made available across all platforms. Additionally, a trio of games for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series were just released.

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As of January 2020, the game had generated more than five million copies, but a resurgence in popularity during the pandemic, primarily credited to streamers, significantly increased that amount.

We’ll eventually get to see what it’s all about at Gamescom early next month: During the Opening Night Live showcase, co-founder of Unknown Worlds Charlie Cleveland will formally introduce the new game.

Geoff Keighley, the Master of All Gaming Ceremonies, first announced the existence of Unknown Worlds’ hot innovation on Twitter; however, the tweet enclosed a very unlucky pronunciation error that directed users to a completely different (and very unsafe for the workplace) Twitter account.

Luckily, Krafton also verified Unknown Worlds’ debut at Gamescom in a brief statement of its own, stating that Charlie Cleveland, the company’s co-founder, and game director, “will formally announce a new IP set in a sci-fi setting that offers the inventive turn-based game.”

Since Keighley’s tweet also claims to showcase actual gameplay, it is more intriguing than the official word. That is far more crucial: The Subnautica games are fantastic (I have not yet got to play the remake, but the first one is fantastic, but a turn-based sci-fi strategy game is a significant departure from what Unknown Worlds has completed before.

Ambitiously, the gameplay’s appearance at Gamescom may also indicate that we’ll learn the game’s launch date. Krafton previously stated that the early access announcement of the new game would take place later in 2022.