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The Publication Of Britney Spears’ Memoir Has Been Delayed Due To A Paper Shortage

In her memoirs, Britney Spears will openly discuss her life in the last several years while living with her father, Jamie Spears, her relationships with her mother and sister, her psychological health, and her profession.

“This book is genuinely therapeutic and restorative. I have a hard time recalling the past in my life. I could never explain myself so honestly,” the artist declared on social media.

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With Simon & Schuster, the celebrity has a $15 million publishing deal for her book. Although the celebrity has already finished it, and the public is eagerly awaiting its arrival, it is currently unknown when Britney’s recollections will be made public.

The outbreak in the United States, according to foreign media, increased the need for hard copies, and now one of the biggest American publications simply does not have sufficient paper to give the singer the necessary circulation stipulated by the contract.

The agreement between Simon & Schuster and Britney is one of the biggest, by the way. Only Barack and Michelle Obama’s autobiography garnered more money. Then Penguin Random House gave the former First Lady and the 44th President of the United States a $60 million payment.

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Back in February, Spears agreed to a deal to print a candid memoir, and she received an astounding $15 million upfront.

The agreement, which was the subject of a bidding battle between several publishers, is believed to be one of the largest contracts ever, trailing only the book contract the Obamas signed in terms of size.


Although it’s unclear what Spears will cover in detail, it’s likely that she’ll touch on how her connection with her family broke down as she fought to get her restrictive conservatorship lifted. Additionally, she may talk about her beginnings as a child star and her brief stint as an X Factor judge.