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The NFT Platform GunZ Will Serve As The Foundation For District 9 Director’s New Game

Off The Grid (OTG), an online battle royale arcade shooter from Gunzilla, will make use of the GunZ NFT technology.

GunZ will make use of blockchain-based for its in-game item trade system, allowing users to purchase brand-new things from other players. Trading, though, is completely voluntary, and Gunzilla makes it clear that the studio won’t put any functions or advancement behind a paywall. Additionally, Gunzilla claims that it will never offer NFTs to players directly.

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Because gamers in today’s free-to-play games don’t truly get to retain the in-game stuff they earn or buy, Gunzilla is adamant that the GunZ platform be used instead. For instance, when a game ends forever, the player loses any cash or time they may have spent on it.

It is impossible for you to make any profit. Anyone may confirm this by reading the EULA of any game. For instance, even if your restriction is unintentional, any item might be withdrawn from you. According to Gunzilla CEO Vlad Korolev, when you quit playing any free-to-play game, the cash you’ve invested likewise vanishes.

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“By re-inventing the process, we are returning control to the players, and we are achieving this via blockchain technology. We are developing a world with OTG and GunZ that will revolutionize the sector.

The gaming industry has a bitter debate over NFTs. Due to its negative environmental implications, some creators, including Landfall Games, have pledged against NFT.

Additionally, NFTs and blockchain technologies are not permitted on the Minecraft platform. Sony evaluated users’ enthusiasm for NFTs this past week during EVO 2022.

Director of District 9 Neill Blomkamp joined Gunzilla as Chief Visionary Officer to assist create the studio’s first game, which he didn’t specify having NFTs in during our conversation with him last month. Release platforms for Off the Grid include PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.