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The New Fighting Game Is A Wrestling Simulation Made In Association With THQ Nordic AEW: Fight Forever

AEW: Fight Forever is being developed by the Japanese firm Yuke’s, whose name has been associated for more than 20 years with video game renditions of the WWE. The new fighting game is a wrestling simulation associated with THQ Nordic.

In addition to Lights-Out Matches, which feature wrestlers brawling with weapons in the ring, other match types include Single Matches, Tag-Team Games, 3-Ways, 4-Ways, Ladder Matches, Casino Battle Royale, Falls Count Anywhere, Exploding Barbed Wire Death Matches, and good ol’ fashioned unofficial fun.

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A detailed career mode, a “large list of the most popular fighters,” the option to design your favorite fighter, branded arenas, several match kinds, customizable modes, online multiplayer, leaderboards, and more will all be available in AEW: Fight Forever.

The price is USD 59.99 for each, with a release date of December 31, 2022; however, considering it is New Year’s Eve and a Saturday, it is probably only a placeholder.

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Additionally, other customization options are available, allowing users to alter their wrestlers’ clothes and appearance as well as their entrances, move-sets, teams, and arenas.

In career mode, they can opt to join the AEW roster and take part in bouts and stories spread across an event schedule, or they can select to participate in online co-op tag-team matches and showcase their maneuvers.

It’s important to note that the studio’s most recent title was WWE 2K19, following which 2K Sports passed the franchise over to Visual Concepts. Sadly, she was unsuccessful, and as a result of WWE 2K20’s failure, the next installment’s production was put on hold. So currently, Yuke’s is effectively creating a WWE 2K21 rival.

The game’s description claims that AEW Fight Forever blends creative All Elite Wrestling finishing techniques and strikes with the classic feel of an arcade brawler. Veterans and recent AEW future stars are on the roster.