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The Mystery Surrounding The Hidden Nier: Automata Church Only Keeps Growing Crazier

The gameplay snippet displayed below was submitted by Reddit user sadfutago, who discovered a new section in Nier Automata earlier this week and has since posted gameplay clips.

They are now battling a miniboss in the chapel. While launching long-range attacks, 9S engages in combat with an opponent made of microscopic blocks.

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It takes more than one devastating blow to destroy the boss before the player is victorious. In another part of the video, user sadfutago succeeds in unlocking a locked chest, providing completely fresh narrative information for a new secret region.

According to data miner and modder Lance McDonald, none of these components are present in the original Nier Automata, indicating that they are all entirely new improvements to the game. He has already encountered others in the game, along with the boss’s model.

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Now the question is, if, as McDonald claims, all of these assets are brand-new to Nier Automata, then who added them? According to Lance McDonald, it’s either modders aiming to fool players into thinking they’ve found brand-new material or Square Enix itself.

The forum is crammed with entertaining debates on this peculiar case and fascinating theories about what might be lurking behind these unexpected finds.

With the RPG’s Nintendo Switch release coming soon and the fancy-sounding NieR Automata 5th Anniversary event scheduled, the timing also seems off.

Sadfutago received assistance from Reed and the other modders in transferring direct PS4 footage to a USB stick. They opened the door, battled the robotic foes of the game inside, descended a long ladder, and then unlocked a second door to a winding hallway in a video that Sadfutago shared.

After McDonald’s posting, the Nier: Modding Discord and Nier subreddit erupted with individuals frantically attempting to dissect sadfutago’s video and Reddit remarks to enter the area in their games.

Sadfutago persisted in responding on Reddit, providing tidbits of information about the game they play and the goals they had reached during their playtime so that people could mimic every conceivable circumstance.