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The Most Significant New Feature Of Madden NFL 23 Is Not Present In The PC Edition

The Madden NFL 23 that is available for pre-order on Steam is different from the Madden 23 that is available on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

It is comparable to the nearly ten-year-old last-generation PS4 and Xbox One consoles that are now on the market. That implies that Madden 23’s standout feature, an “influenced by physics” animation system called “FieldSense,” won’t be present in the PC version.

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According to EA, FieldSense is a significant innovation to the franchise that has an impact on every play in every mode of Madden 23.

Unlike Madden 22, where player animations may be used to anticipate how a play will end, EA claims that FieldSense’s more than 3,500 new motion-captured actions and “animation branching technologies” allow you to “change the course till the play is over.”

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A “skill-based passing” mechanism, new 360-degree cut commands, and “a set of new defensive back released movements and defensive lineman counter press mechanics” are all made possible thanks to this technology.

If the PS5 has defensive back counter press features, then damnit, I want them as well. I will not pretend to understand what they are, and trademarked sports game elements like “FieldSense” may add more to the illusion that you’re receiving more than a pricey roster upgrade than they do to the pleasure.

No Windows 11 counter press mechanism comparison can be made that would prevent them from being installed on a PC exist, though.

Madden is dragging behind EA’s other football game, which focuses more on the player’s feet; nonetheless, Madden 22 was released on PC and last-gen consoles simultaneously.

However, EA has revealed that the forthcoming FIFA 23 will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. FIFA 22 received the same last-gen console conversion approach on PC as well. The publisher speculates that further Madden PC games might take that lead.