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The Long-Awaited Sequel To Owlboy, A Bizarre Co-Op Adventure Game Involving Trampolines, Is Called Vikings On Trampolines By D-Pad Studio

In a few days, from August 24 to 28, Gamescom 2022 will take place. Gamescom will, as usual, feature many new revelations and announcements for gamers. However, it appears that one of those revelations has already been disclosed.

The long-awaited sequel from Owlboy’s creator, D-Pad Studio, has finally been revealed, and most fans weren’t anticipating what they saw. Owlboy is one of the most popular independent games ever made. But instead, it’s a game whose absurd premise is encapsulated in its name: Vikings on Trampolines.

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Owlboy, launched in 2016, stands out among the many noteworthy independent games that have been available in the past ten years for various factors. Since its release, the game has received praises for its beautiful pixel-based graphics, enduring characters and story, and distinctive gameplay. The fact that it took nine years to build is one, to be sure.

The ability to fly at will and without limitations is a crucial aspect of Owlboy’s gameplay, and it distinguishes it from other recent 2D platformers in terms of movement.

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The next game from D-Pad continues this trend of focusing on intriguing movement. The primary traversal method in the side-scrolling adventure game Vikings on Trampolines will be trampolines, as the title implies.

This is crucial to the gameplay, as shown on the game’s Steam page by a GIF of one of its Viking protagonists exploding upon landing on rugged terrain.

Using these trampolines, players may bounce their way through several game scenarios. They can participate in a 4-player local co-op or go on the adventure alone.

They will embark on a quest to defend the Viking monarch from the villainous Baloonie and his balloon allies in the story mode. They can also compete against one another in a Versus mode similar to a party game, using their trampoline knowledge and other items to decide who will win through many stages.