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The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Enthusiast Posted Online A Video Demonstrating A Unique Korok Acorn Purse

The residents of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are made up of various races. Breath of the Wild features a large cast of diverse characters, each with unique quirks and characteristics, ranging from the Zora to the Goron. As Link embarks on his adventure, he will come into contact with various amazing creatures that inhabit the game’s environment.

The Koroks are one of the ethnic groups. These beings, also known as Forest Spirits, occupy the Korok Forest under the enormous Deku Tree. They help him protect Master Sword and give Link a side mission to gather Korok Seeds. A Breath of the Wild fan chose to base a unique piece on the creatures after becoming inspired by them.

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A video shared by a TikTok user with the handle del sylph includes one of the Korok acorns from Breath of the Wild. The quick clip demonstrates how to cut out the design, assemble it, and paint it. The piece’s texture and depth were added through various small-scale tasks also showcased in the movie. According to del sylph, the purse’s body is composed of EVA foam and is robust enough to accommodate daily necessities.

A lot of people are praising the Korok bag that del sylph produced. The bag has received praise from commenters, one of whom called it the sweetest thing ever and remarked it is excellent. One user commented on how neatly finished it was, and another inquired if del sylph would be willing to sell them the pattern to create one for their brother for Christmas. Any Breath of the Wild fan will like this adorable piece of art.

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It’s not just Del sylph producing incredible works inspired by Nintendo‘s RPG. In anticipation of the game’s follow-up, the Reddit user known as LaserBeta developed a Breath of the Wild-themed LED light.