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The Iconic ‘Oof’ Sound From Roblox Has Been Eliminated, RIP.

If you’ve ever spent any significant time on the Roblox platform, you’re probably already aware of one of the platform’s most well-known (or infuriating) quirks: if a player died, a cheesy “oof” sound used to be played. The creator of the iconic “oof,” Tommy Tallarico, revealed to GamesBeat in 2019 that he is the rightful owner of the sound. It was produced by Tallarico, who later included the sound in the 2000 video game Messiah. He presently serves as the company’s president. Intellivision Entertainment is most known for its delayed ambitions to manufacture the Intellivision Amico.

The renowned sound has now had to be completely deleted from Roblox and has already been replaced with a new “default,” according to a statement from the business earlier today, which was tucked away near the end of a series of announcements concerning changes being made to Roblox’s asset store.

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If troubles with this sound effect sound familiar, it’s because Roblox has had issues with its use in the past. The “oof” sound was created by Tommy Tallarico, a former video game composer and more recently the CEO of the failed Intellivision, rather than by anyone at Roblox.

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As we reported in 2020, Tallarico came to an agreement with Roblox whereby anyone creating a Roblox game experience would have to pay $1 (or 100 Robux) to be able to utilize the sound in their work. The effect was initially created for the FPS Messiah, released in 2000. Also committed was Tallarico to “create further premium sounds for Roblox.” This agreement no longer exists; either it expired or there was a dispute. Roblox has been contacted by us for further details. Whatever the cause for the sound’s disappearance, it is a sad day for devoted Roblox players who will have to say goodbye to a sound that has become so closely associated with the game that it can be heard on playgrounds all over the world.