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The Hitman August 3 Roadmap From IO Interactive Outlines The Challenging Targets That Players Will Be Pursuing This August

Dyads and Devil Creatures, IO’s next Elusive Target Arcade, debuts today to kick off the month. Deceivers, buyers, and surgeons are “dyads,” but serial killers, heartbreakers, and entertainers are “devils.”

Players can once more locate Purchasers on Dartmoor as of tomorrow, August 5. For ten days, these culinary cannibals will prowl the English countryside.

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The new Floral Baller weapon cosmetic will be unveiled the following week and will go on sale on August 11. Colorado will resume its popularity as a travel destination on the same day.

This hard three-target level from Hitman 2016 is available to Hitman 3 owners and Free Starter Pack users.

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Elusive Target, a former tyrant, makes a triumphant return the following day, August 12. The “Gold Digger” ex-dictator and his wife can be located for ten days at the Himmapan Hotel in Bangkok.

On August 19, Colorado will be targeted by the Chameleon, the third and last Elusive Target of the month.

IO will offer community contracts with a “Flower Power” theme to round up the month. Later this month, the game’s official forums will host the opening of the application thread.

The players’ trip to the militia training camp in Colorado will begin on August 19 if the final deal is signed. Make The Chameleon (Year 2 Edition) appear to be an accident by taking on it. This agreement will expire on August 29 after ten days.

The new round of the community contracts challenge has begun, and the topic for this month is flower power. Players will once more have the chance to construct their own contracts through IO Interactive, which will publish for all players to see on August 25.

The contract can be considered for the community-featured contracts as long as it is inspired by or themed after Flower Power. Keep an eye out for the post to see when the submission thread is live on the Hitmanforum.