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The Hardest Thing I’ve Had To Do, According To Rachel Recchia, Is When She Goes On Homecoming Dates

Since there were two times as many hometown dates as Bachelorettes, they weren’t even all able to be included in one show.

This week, Gabby Windey returned home with Erich, Jason, and Johnny, and Rachel Recchia toured the homes of Tino, Tyler, and Zach in preparation for Aven’s hometown date the following week.

First, 31-year-old Gabby went to New Orleans to meet Jason’s family. They chose some beads to toss at onlookers from a balcony while they danced in the street to live jazz music. Jason, 30, stated that he felt like they always had a great time together.

At a park, Jason presented Gabby to his father, Michael, who praised him as “a nice kid, a good man,” and welcomed her.

In a private conversation, Michael said to Jason, “You’ve been beaming nonstop, and I’ve been so thrilled that I could be a part of it.” “You have my complete and unwavering support at all times. I’d like to serve as your best man if it’s the actual deal.”

Jason was grateful that his father believed in their friendship with Gabby. Jason informed the cameras, “It means everything to me that my dad has assured me that he will back me in whatever decision I choose. “I’ll never forget it; it’s a beautiful moment.”

Before Jason invited Gabby to meet his mother, his sister, and her boyfriend, the three of them had some beignets together. Karen, Gabby’s mother, greeted her by saying, “You are so beautiful.

Jason described how the procedure first made him feel overpowered in his remarks to the group. He admitted to his loved ones that for the first two weeks, he was so overwhelmed that he almost left. Then, we started to connect on a real level.

When Kelsey, Jason’s sister, overheard the conversation, Gabby questioned her if she believed her brother was prepared for a committed relationship.