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The Game May Be Released In November, According To A Listing From A Website That Advertises Particular Sonic Frontiers Products

Sonic Frontiers, which is anticipated to be among the franchise’s most ambitious games, has fans pumped up for its release. Due to this, the game adopts the open-world genre; this genre change has been compared to Nintendo‘s for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game’s gameplay, puzzles, and exploration received new information throughout June. This culminated in a Sonic Frontiers trailer that debuted during a Nintendo Direct and included details on the game’s plot points and the hotly-tipped Cyberspace stages.

Despite the game’s mixed early reviews, more recent promotions, including the Nintendo above Direct teaser, have given it a slightly more favorable impression. Sonic Frontiers is still slated for release in 2022 and won’t require a delay, despite fan objections to the early footage, which came from a pre-release version of the game. An alleged internet store listing with a November release date suggests that this window is already closed.

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This advertisement was discovered on the Taiwanese website Shopee, which also displays a sizable number of Sonic Frontiers products and indicates a November release. This retailer is now showing November 15; this corresponds to a previous PlayStation database breach and a suspected SteamDB leak, both of which mentioned November as the release month. Furthermore, although no details are provided regarding what DLC will include in the game, this listing does say it.

This retail release date for Sonic Frontiers is consistent with an earlier announcement, which stated that a statue of Sonic and the Cocos—rock-like plant beings that would be available as in-game collectibles—would likely be available in November.

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There are some statues and some pieces of promotional artwork that feature the main cast. In the scene when they appear to be guarding the Kocos are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. In the backdrop, two other figures could be teasing the appearance of two more characters.