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The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Has Nude Sephiroth Mods

Despite having a subpar PC port, Ultimate Fantasy 7 Remake is a fantastic game. However, playing on a PC has one clear advantage: mods. There aren’t many graphic options, and you might need a controller to play the darts minigame, if not the entire game.

While the 4K hi-poly naked Tifa mod has already been downloaded 78,400 times because, of course, it has, let this serve as your PSA that Ultimate Fantasy modders remain hot for Sephiroth as well.

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There are just under 1,000 mods for Ultimate Fantasy 7 Remake on NexusMods. Sephiroth, the adored bishi from Final Fantasy 7 and a prime example of the anime cliche that “silver hair signifies you’re wicked,” has seen numerous revisions by Remake’s modders.

There is Sexy Sephiroth, who sports an armored jockstrap, and the classy Shirtless Sephiroth by Gatto tom. The Nude Sephiroth mod, which offers many files so you may combine its four penis sizes and two hairstyles, is also created by Luxos if you want to see the entire monty.

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These come in the form of. Pak files, just like similar mods; thus, you’ll need to make a folder called “mods” for them. Put those. Pak files in the folder you created in your FFVIIRemakeIntergradeEndContentPaks directory.

There are, which can interest fans of Metal Gear Solid 5. To replace Tifa with Quiet and Big Boss with Cloud, use the pak files. You can unlock console commands, gain extra materia slots, and turn off dynamic resolution using other well-liked FF7R mods. There is also a Nude Cloud mod if you don’t want Sephiroth to seem underdressed in all of their scenes.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the second game of what is now known as a trilogy, is slated for release in late 2023 or early 2024. Square Enix has stated that it will be released “next winter,” following the release of the Crisis Core remake for the PSP.