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The FBI Is Not Anticipated To Resume Its Inquiry Into The 2016 Flight Altercation With Angelina Jolie

According to a friend of the actor, the FBI is not anticipated to renew its investigation into Brad Pitt in the wake of this week’s startling allegations.

They have examined all available information, and the statute of limitations has long since expired. This information is not novel. They took into account all of Angelina’s accusations at the time, but no charges were filed, the insider claimed.

“The FBI conducted a comprehensive investigation into the incident; there is no likelihood that they will reopen the case. It’s all part of a deliberate campaign to discredit Brad. An FBI representative claimed they were unable to comment on the situation.

The buddy drew attention to the fact that despite Jolie’s repeated citation of information from the FBI investigation in her continuing custody battle with Pitt, a judge still granted Pitt joint custody of their children.

The Oscar actress, 47, told the FBI in 2016 that her then-husband Pitt, 58, had pushed her into a private plane while intoxicated, upsetting their six kids greatly. According to the buddy, Jolie brought up the alleged plane incident with the celebrity to the court presiding over their custody dispute.

“Angelina’s assertions were raised in at least two different law courts: first, during a protracted custody trial, and second, after the incident on the plane, the friend added. No charges were filed in one instance, and Brad was given joint custody in another. Since Jolie filed for separation in September 2016, the high-profile couple has been in a battle for their six children.

Although they are legally divorced, the actresses are still involved in a custody battle over their minor children, twins Vivienne and Knox, 14, Zahara, 17, and Shiloh, 16. Sons Pax is 18 years old, and Maddox is 21. As Page Six reported, Jolie claimed in a dossier that was made public this week that Pitt raged at her on a trip from Nice, France, to the US in September 2016.