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The Fate/EXTRA Record Remake Trailer Features Well-Known Characters

For the next Fate/EXTRA remake, Fate/EXTRA Record, Type-Moon has unveiled a brand-new trailer.

Nero Claudius, Rin Tohsaka, Rani VIII, Shinji Mato, Leonardo B. Harvey, Cuchulainn, Francis Drake, and Robin Hood were among the well-known Fate series characters that appeared in the teaser.

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Most of what we see are cutscenes, occasionally with little snippets of gameplay. With a new coat of paint, it definitely looks excellent. You may check out the clip to get a glimpse of the game even though there are currently no confirmed platforms or a release date.

2010 saw the PSP’s initial release of Fate / Extra. It is a component of Fate/Stay Night that relates the actual tale of the “Holy Grail War on the Moon” between Masters called to a virtual world run by the Moon Cell, a supercomputer with the ability to change reality.

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It was followed by a specifically Japanese installment called Fate / Extra CCC, and it later evolved into the action game Fate / Extella and Fate/Extella. Link. Many of the Servants who were introduced in Fate / Extra would go on to serve as the focal points of a variety of Destiny series, particularly those that dealt with the Fate / Grand Order.

The most well-known Servants, such as Robin Hood, Nero Claudius, Francis Drake, Tamamo-no-Mae, and Sessyoin Kiara, are all descended from Fate / Extra or its associated methods.

Despite the introduction of a new teaser, Fate/Extra Record has no official release date or confirmed plans for international distribution as of yet. A video of the game being played in progress and an announcement first appeared in July 2020.

Another Caster-centered trailer was released in December 2020 by Type-Moon Studio BB. If you’re not aware of Fate/EXTRA Record, it is a remake of the popular Japanese RPG game Fate/EXTRA for contemporary consoles.

The main game was published on the PSP on July 22, 2010, and it has received a lot of acclaim from fans of the series.