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The Dragon Ball Adventure Island Is Now Live In Fortnite

As expected, the Dragon Ball Adventure creative island is now live in Fortnite, and you can glide your way onto it right now.

Once there, players can explore iconic Dragon Ball locations like Kami’s Palace, Goku’s house, and the Room of Spirit & Time. Plus, players can duke it out in the PvP battle arena, “Tenkaichi Budokai.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Epic Games and bring this first-ever Toei Animation franchise integration to Fortnite,” Toei Animation Inc. director of global marketing, Lisa Yamatoya, writes in a press release. “Over the last 36 years, the Dragon Ball franchise has built perhaps the largest global fanbase of any anime. And this multi-generational mainstream audience makes Dragon Ball ideally suited for a collaboration with Fortnite and its worldwide community of players. We’re excited to see the response to Dragon Ball’s arrival in Fortnite.”

Epic Games notes that, in case you missed it, there are already Dragon Ball creative islands available in the game for you to visit. There are multiple Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival islands, and from now until Sept. 17, you can board a cruise ship and watch select episodes from Dragon Ball Super on them. Both these islands and the new Dragon Ball Adventure island were created by Vysena Studios.

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