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The Biggest Release From Annapurna So Far Is Stray. The Infamous Cat Game Is Off To An Excellent Start

You definitely noticed if you’ve been doing any internet browsing lately how popular Stray has become. Stray is an adventure game by a small studio called BlueTwelve Studio, and the central character is a cat.

Our assessment gave the book 82 percent of the vote and the label “wonderful feline journey that always falls on its paws.”

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Stray’s release also appears to be “standing on its feet.” The game is already the publisher Annapurna Interactive’s largest release, as Benji-Sales reported on Twitter. On the first Day of its release on Steam, Stray saw close to 63,000 concurrent users.

Stray’s numbers are by order of magnitude higher than average, even if these statistics don’t necessarily indicate how well a game is selling. Greater than other recent Annapurna releases, such as the outstanding first-person shooter Neon White and 12 Minutes from a year ago.

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Surprise is still the top-selling product on Steam as of this writing. Additionally, PlayStation Plus Premium members can play the game for free on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, where it is also available.

Over the past year, the anticipation for Stray has gradually increased thanks to sporadic trailers that remind us how much fun it is to adventure through a perilous post-apocalyptic world as a cute cat. The Day Before achieved the top spot on the list of Steam’s most sought-after games, thanks to the intense hype around the game.

Clearly, there is a large market for cat games (which are way better than dog titles). And maybe most significantly, Stray’s cat protagonist is among the most lifelike animated creatures I’ve ever seen in a video game. She can get away with her tedious puzzle games because the title is so gorgeous.

I should have grown tired of the automated platforming and easy logic problems by now, but I keep moving forward in anticipation of the next comfortable spot when I can hit Y to nap or kick a new rug.