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The Battle For Grand Chien Is Shown In The New JAGGED ALLIANCE 3 Gameplay Trailer

With a squad of mercenaries under your command, you command a counter-insurgency in Jagged Alliance 3. You’ll take part in updated versions of the series’ actual combat, RPG systems, and 4X components in this rebirth of the turn-based tactical game from the mid-1990s.

The paramilitary Legion seizes power after the president-elect vanishes, plunging Grand Chien, a wealthy country with bitter political divisions, into turmoil. The president’s family has pooled all of its resources to track down the President and bring peace, including a deal with the influential Adonis Society.

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Choose from a range of mercenaries in Jagged Alliance 3, each with its unique personality, traits, and stories. Then, take some time to tour the Grand Chien area, meet new people, make money, put together a team, and decide who is more capable of determining its fate.

Haemimont Games are developing the PC version of Jagged Alliance 3. THQ Nordic acquired the rights to the game through the acquisition of HandyGames in 2018. Jagged Alliance is a legendary video game series that has been around since the 1990s, just like many of THQ’s titles.

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Before Jagged Alliance 2’s release in 1999, 1995 original was followed by a designated sequel that served as the starting point for a confusing series of independent expansions, improved re-releases, and complete remakes.

The idea of a full Jagged Alliance 3 sequel was floated in the middle of the 2000s; however, development was started, outsourced, canceled a few times, and ultimately never materialised. After regaining control, THQ Nordic turned the reins over to Haemimont Games.

In this strange alternate world of multinational super mercenaries, the Jagged Alliance series specialized in hiring unknown mercenaries to fight authoritarian governments, showing how these mercenaries interacted with one another in a web of complicated ties. The status of Jagged Alliance 3 is still “Coming Soon” on both its website and on Steam.