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The $20k Halo 2 Challenge Was Ultimately Completed By Someone

Halo 2 has been successfully completed on Legendary difficulty with all Skulls unlocked without a single death, earning the player a $20,000 award.

Charlie “Cr1TiKal” White put out a challenge prior to this year. He made a $5,000 offer to anyone who could beat Halo 2 on an epic level with all 13 of the skulls turned on.

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The 14th skull, Envy, replaces your lights with active camouflage. When nobody claimed it after three weeks, he increased the incentive to $20,000 instead.

No one has accomplished this accomplishment in the 18 years since the release of Halo 2 on record.

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Twitch streamer JerValiN eventually succeeded in completing the challenge today after making dozens of tries over the preceding weeks.

He used an unbelievable level of talent, as well as cheats and exploits like the ability to bring a Banshee into the climactic battle against Tartarus in a run that was just under six and a half hours long.

A Brute with a shotgun who avoided a double-grenade in the dying minutes nearly caused things to unravel, but JerValiN was able to maintain control of the situation until the very end.

JerValiN completed Halo 2 with all 14 skulls, such as the Envy skull, activated, making it the first unkillable LASO (Iconic All Skulls On) run of any Halo game.

His most recent achievement took six hours, 29 minutes, and 44 seconds, while that run was timed at five hours, 54 minutes, and 40 seconds. Seems like a respectable method to make $20,000.

In other news, 343 Studios is restoring the missing Halo 2 demo for Earth City for the first time since E3 2003, when it was first shown to attendees.

According to Dot Esports, the Twitch category for Halo 2 saw an increase in viewership to over 287,000 hours in July as a result of the number of streams competing for cash.