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Tempest Rising Is A Unique RTS In The Style Of Command & Conquer

Those who prefer the traditional ways may recall the venerable predecessors of the RTS, the Command & Conquer series.

Indeed, Slipgate Ironworks, 3D Realms, and THQ Nordic do, and as a result, this game most immediately reminded me of a futuristic version of Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun.

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A very traditional-looking RTS called Tempest Rising was revealed during today’s THQ Nordic conference. It will be released in 2023.

Tempest Rising centers on a fight over a nuclear-fueled facility that creates pure liquid energy or some such technical jargon and features three sides in all, two of which have campaigns to play. I think that’s as good a motive as for magical asteroids and comets to shoot at one other.

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The self-described Global Defense Forces are a technologically advanced military alliance. The Tempest Dynasty, a revolutionary coalition with “superior weaponry and superb defenses,” is fighting the GDF invasion.

Although the third faction hasn’t been revealed, I’m betting on mutants or nuclear radiation-eating plant creatures.

The gameplay in Tempest Rising is similar to those of older real-time strategy games. By using extraction units to gather materials from fields, you can create a fortress and an army.

To defend and threaten your adversaries’ economy and command of the map, you must concentrate on micromanaging your units.

It undoubtedly contains the traditional elements you’re looking for, like explosive red barrels, but it also includes some more contemporary ideas like call-in powers and related side objectives between campaign missions to earn awards. Luckily, throughout the exhibition, we learned some information about the plot and a few game mechanics.

Players can choose between three playable sides in Tempest Rising, which is set in 1997 on an Earth that has been devastated by the first nuclear war and offers three different playable armies, each with its own type of play and special features.

Additionally, there are Skirmish and Multiplayer options that will match you with other teams based on your performance in previous matches.