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Take Real Physics To The Max The Driving Game Drift Type C Is Available Right Now On Steam Early Access

Drift Type C, a real-physics racing game by indie developer Jon works Interactive, has been made available on Steam Early Access.

An exciting new gameplay trailer featuring some 50 genuine cars, 100 miles of track, 13 bosses, and a potential level editor has been launched to celebrate.

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Before the final version is released a few months from now, players can give suggestions on what should be added during this early access period.

Traffic, force feedback steering wheel support, car models that are more like their real-world counterparts, simpler difficulty setting and increased learning, AI advancements, more driving surfaces, and vehicle customizations are a few possible future enhancements.

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In Drift Type C, your quest to free the God of Time will lead you through nine different biomes and 13 warriors, and 13 ghosts. The Hypervesicle, a tool that slows down your race timer each time you complete a successful skid, is a gift from the God of Time to help you in your mission.

With a precise handling model for everything from power to weight, differential setup, factory tyre compound, and alignment settings, Drift Type C specialize in hyper-realistic car specifications.

While the physics may be accurate, the range of activities is solely constrained by your creativity.

Drift Type C includes off-roading, multi-stage rally races, dorifuto bata du, driving on trays, flagging, delivering tofu, DIY Space Gymkhana, texting while driving, or driving a bus for no apparent reason. You may carry out all of this, day or night, in any weather. E

ven driving in a separate world where the aerodynamics are affected by differing air densities is an option. You can drive anything you can imagine!

A hybrid procedurally generated setting with more than 100 miles of road is available in the vast sandbox game Drift Type C. You can even enter Creative Mode and create your highways, cities, and events if you’d want even more customization.