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Stardew Valley Creator Concerned Ape Has Unveiled A Fresh, Endearing Screenshot From His Upcoming RPG/Simulation Game Haunted Chocolatier

Stardew Valley is one of the few video games with a cult following. A single person named ConcernedApe spent four years developing the role-playing simulation game. They put a lot of heart into the highly intricate experience. The fact that the public is already quite enthusiastic about every freshly revealed aspect of ConcernedApe’s upcoming game, Haunted Chocolatier, should not come as a surprise. Fans of Haunted Chocolatier can enjoy being teased by ConcernedApe, who just unveiled a screenshot as one such example.

Sunday afternoon, ConcernedApe shared the disputed Twitter message. A screenshot wouldn’t usually draw much attention from many fanbases or games. It was, however, precisely what the fan base wanted for Haunted Chocolatier. Fans believed the image to be a boss opponent from the Haunted Chocolatier. Instead, it is a giant bee with a powerful stinger, big green eyes, and adorable small ears. The boss arena is in a honeycomb nest with tiny eggs scattered over the arena’s walls.

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Stardew Valley and Haunted Chocolatier fans have a lot of hilarious things to say in their responses to the tweet. The ConcernedApe’s work is generally praised, despite some absurd analogies to bee adversaries in other video games, concerns about how combat will function, and plenty of general issues. The Stardew Valley community is mainly focused on sharing their passion for video games, which is a big part of being a member.

Because so little information about Haunted Chocolatier has been posted online thus far, a screenshot and a song are causing a lot of excitement among fans. Of course, that is not surprising. Haunted Chocolatier wouldn’t be ready “for a time yet,” according to ConcernedApe, who announced it. Despite this, fans will still be eager to learn more about it.

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There is no set a date for when ConcernedApe will provide more details about Haunted Chocolatier.