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Square Enix has removed leaked Lara Croft Script For The Upcoming Tomb Raider From Patreon

Upon Square Enix’s advice, crystal Dynamics issued a DMCA strike to a Patreon supporter who read a portion of the script for the upcoming Tomb Raider during the Sacred Symbols podcast.

The host, Colin Moriarty, a former editor of IGN, claims he was contacted by Patreon and instructed to remove the content because failure to do so could result in its blocking on the platform.

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Moriarty claimed that Square Enix was the route taken by the DMCA. Despite their agreement to sell the IP to Embraer, Japanese publishers Crystal Dynamics and Tomb Raider have yet to receive all necessary regulatory and outside permissions.

In contrast to the previous podcast, which had script reading and was available on Apple Podcasts and YouTube, the new version of the podcast is solely available on Patreon since Moriarty claimed that no other outlet had sent him a copyright warning.

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You can infer from the passage that Project Jawbreaker, the sequel to Tomb Raider, will star a more experienced Lara Croft. The adventure game’s action “takes place in a contemporary world shook by a mysterious calamity.”

In a recent report, Crystal Dynamics stated that Unreal Engine 5 is being used to create the upcoming Tomb Raider.

The new game from Crystal Dynamics will “push the frontiers of hyper-realism and provide the strong cinematic response experience that fans deserve,” according to Dallas Dickinson, general manager of the Tomb Raider brand.

In this scenario, it’s essential to remember that the script in question was a component of a “secret” project, which explains Square Enix’s response. Fair Use is a complicated idea because it differs based on the context.

Crystal Dynamics disclosed that Lara Croft’s upcoming adventure would be based on the timeline of Core Design’s original Tomb Raider game and its reboot trilogy in a January video describing its intentions for the franchise’s 25th anniversary this year. But admonished followers not to count on it. Very soon.