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Southern Charm’s Craig and Ex Naomie Set ‘Boundaries’ After Vegas Hookup

Seeing eye to eye? Multiple Southern Charm stars faced awkward relationship conversations during this week’s episode, with exes Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo taking the cake.

Craig, 33, and Naomie, 29, dated for three years before splitting in 2017. Following their Las Vegas hookup, which came to light during the season 8 premiere in June, the twosome have been trying to figure out how to be friends.

While the Sewing Down South founder has since moved on with Paige DeSorbo, his relationship with Naomie continues to influence his day-to-day in Charleston. Paige, 29, initially appeared to be OK with Craig hooking up with Naomie in 2021 but has since asked him not to see her one-on-one to which he agreed.

During the Thursday, August 4, episode, Craig reluctantly meet up with Naomie to talk about her and Chleb Ravenell’s strange chat about Kathryn Dennis — and things got uncomfortable to say the least.

“One of the lessons that I learned after everything happened with me and you, is never air your dirty laundry with other people,” Naomie told Craig after explaining that Chleb, 33, was bashing his then-girlfriend Kathryn, 30, during Olivia Flowers’ oyster roast one week prior.

The L’Abeye founder revealed that she has “apologized” for speaking ill of Craig in the past and noted, “I have so many regrets about that.” But her heartfelt remarks were met by crickets on Craig’s end.

“Craig is making me really uncomfortable. He’s, like, jittery,” Naomie said during a confessional interview. “Not making eye contact. He’s literally acting like I’m part of a sting operation.”

The Pillow Talk author, for his part, got pissed that Naomie couldn’t just call him with all this information. “Like, why did we have to have coffee [for her] to tell me Chleb is talking s–t about Kathryn?” he asked the camera.

Craig eventually mustered up the courage to tell his ex-girlfriend that there needed to be “boundaries” between them now that he is dating Paige exclusively.

“I think that Paige is being very understanding even though she doesn’t understand it because she lives in New York where you don’t run into your exes,” he said in a confessional chat. “She has been patient with me hooking up with Naomie while me and Paige were figuring stuff out. I don’t want to push it by disrespecting her any further.”

Naomie, for her part, was shocked by Craig’s comments but didn’t argue. “I’m not trying to get with Craig if he has a girlfriend. That’s just not how I am,” she told the cameras. “If Craig and Paige feel awkward that’s on them, not me.”

During episode 7, Austen Kroll also found himself dealing with an awkward relationship. After Olivia, 30, invited his ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroy to her party one week prior, he confessed, “I haven’t spoken to her since the party.”

The North Carolina native, 35, told Kathryn, “I don’t want to pursue someone that wants to be friends with my ex.” The “Katching Up With Kathryn” podcast host, meanwhile, joked to the cameras, “Sometimes Austen can be a petty bitch.”

Southern Charm airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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