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Skull And Bones Don’t Have A Storyline Focus And Encourage You To Make Up Your Own Tales

Recently, Ryan Barnard, the game’s director, discussed the basics of the eagerly awaited Skull & Bones, saying that he intends “players to construct their own storylines and be allowed to select the type of pirate they desire to be.” In addition, Barnard went into great detail on the onshore and offshore experiences that players will have.

When asked about Skull & Bones’ gameplay, Barnard pointed out that “The majority of the gameplay takes place on land, where you can craft, equip, interact with others, run a warehouse, and customize your ship and captain.

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Combat is probably the sole activity that doesn’t take place on land.” Skull & Bones is still, according to Barnard, “essentially a naval game.”

As he continued, the developer described dynamic events as “basically a variety of things that can occur in the game, as possibilities for players to engage with while traveling towards their primary goals.”

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A merchant who is scared and requires protection, for instance, or a conflict where one of the factions attacks a town, in which case you can either fight the settlement or join it as a player, were two examples given by Barnard.

In response to the question of how Skull & Bones will be distinct from games like Sea of Thieves, Barnard said, “When I first joined the project, I was pleasantly pleased by the inclusion of numerous components of nautical and role-playing games, tenacity, endurance, and craftsmanship. We have focused on improving this.

The game will presently launch for PS5, Xbox X|S, and PC on November 8, 2022. There will be no paid content released after the game’s launch.

According to Barnard, “Our strategy for continued expansion will be built on open communication with our audience for live play.” Of course, we have a plan, but we’re also open to changing it to suit the preferences of our players.